Community organisations
in the south coast region
of Western Australia

Current Projects:

Promoting the health of waterways on the south coast of Western Australia
PLUG - the Powerline Upgrade Group
Youngs Siding community site
Youngs Siding Choir
Win Rap
Dr Peter Randle

Breast reduction surgery is a very common operation that has been performed for many years. Breast reduction is a surgical procedure to remove excess breast tissue, fat, and skin from the breasts. This often results in a more proportional body shape. It can help alleviate neck, back, and shoulder pain as well as some physical symptoms of gynecomastia or man boobs. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. A commonly performed breast reduction technique is the "lollipop" incision because it leaves no visible scars on the breast itself and scars around the nipple are hidden by the areola.